As kids, an easy meal we often had was boiled eggs with toast. Cheap, filling and delicious. Here’s a deeper look at this breakfast or dinner staple, with a nod to food bloggers who like to write fifteen pages of text before the recipe.

Where it all began

I don’t mean the chicken or the egg discussion. Everyone knows that chickens had to be invented first. The real primary lesson is not to explain to a child that an egg comes out of a chicken’s butt*, especially while the child is eating an egg.

*According to the orifice through which an egg leaves…

There are three tiers of beauty when it comes to flowers: first, the wild flower, gently nodding its head in the meadow where it was born, surrounded by the breeze and buzzing of insects. Then, there’s the cut flower, at attention in a vase and destined for the compost heap after the petals brown and drop. Finally, the pressed flower, trapped in the pages of an old book, a two-dimensional memory of a spring long past.

The pandemic has taken our meadows away, our crowded freedom to enjoy the rise and fall of the sun outside, jostling to attract bees…

Scott Dunlop

Writing my way out of a wet paper bag.

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